March 14, 2014

Tips To Cleaning Out Your Garage For Spring!

It's easy for the garage to get cluttered over time. It seems to be the space where miscellaneous items pile up until you have no more space for anything anymore. Get a step ahead of spring cleaning by going through your garage. This chore, however, may be easier said than done. Before putting everything into self storage, it first must be organized and sorted properly. Here are some tips that may make your garage clean-out experienced much more streamlined:

Get Rid Of Junk

It's likely that you have some items sitting in your garage that haven't been used in years. Go through everything to determine what can be thrown out, what can go into storage for later use and what can be given away. This will help clear up some much-needed space in your garage. Plus, taking everything out of your garage gives you a better idea of the space that you have to work with.

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Wipe Down Floors

A clean floor can make a huge difference in the way your garage looks. Marks and stains may have accumulated over time, so sweep cement floors and then wipe them down with an old mop and a bucket of hot water and degreasing cleaner.

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Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

For the items that you're not planning on putting into storage, use the walls to store them. This gets junk off of the floor and creates visual interest on the walls. Make sure to group like items together so that they're easily found when you need them.

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