November 03, 2013

Impress Your Parents on Their Next Visit with These Dorm Room Space Saving Tips!

While your son or daughter adjusts to life in the dorms, he or she might be finding it difficult to manage with the limited space that comes with shared living quarters. A few quick and simple tricks can maximize the space in the room so it is clutter free but still fits all essentials.

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Extra Storage Space

As you look around a small dorm room, there are a few avenues for increased storage space. Bed risers will create room that can be used to store a suitcase, plastic containers or any large item you do not always need. Window space can be used for decorations, picture frames or repurposed as a book shelf.

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Wall Mount

The back of the door can be used to attach towel hooks, shoe organizers or a mirror. Instead of cluttering the floor of the dorm room with such items, look around to see if there is appropriate wall space that can be utilized. This will save valuable space in a small dorm for additional furniture such as a chest of drawers, an entertainment center or a small futon. 

Instead of placing your television on a stand in the center of the room, mount it on the wall so you can use the extra table space for books, DVDs or video game consoles.

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Special organizer boxes for accessories, shoes or intimates can save room in a closet or drawer. Storage organizers will also help keep everything neat whereas stand-alone items in a pullout drawer can easily get jumbled up.

For example, you can find an accessory organizer that has individual compartments to separate necklaces, earrings and bracelets so they do not end up in a mess. The same can be used for makeup, scarves and small stationery.

If your son or daughter is still finding it difficult to adjust to living in a small area, he or she has the option of renting an indoor self storage unit to store seasonal items or cherished collections.

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