March 27, 2014

Storage Tips for College Students!

If you have a college-age student in your home, chances are they are preparing for their summer break. They're probably sorting through their things and figuring out what they'll be able to bring home and what they can leave in their dorm room. Here are some tips if an indoor self storage unit can help organize your home and make their transition easier:

Sorting For Storage

Before you and your student can load all their things into a truck and take it to storage you should be sure to clean, defrost and dry their mini-fridge. If they have a microwave that should be cleaned as well to prevent mold. Never store food or drink items, even if they are non-perishable. They can still potentially attract critters into the unit.

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Selecting A Unit

Take an inventory of all the items that are going into storage and make sure you and your student choose the right sized space for your needs. Most students need a 5 feet by 5 feet unit, which is ideal for storing cabinets, electronics, chairs, and boxes. If your student has a couple pieces of furniture too, like a mattress set, a 5 feet by 10 feet unit might be better. If you don't know what size you need, have your student stack their things against a wall at home or in their dorm, and measure that space with some tape.

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Choosing Amenities

Many storage facilities offer 24-hour access, but if you don't need that, it is not necessary. Climate control is another amenity for your student to consider if you live in an area with changeable weather patterns. Just consider the climate. Hot regions demand climate control to keep your items safe.

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Don't Forget...

Take down the contact information of your student's storage unit and keep the unit number in the same place so you can find it when you need it. Pack heavier things in smaller boxes and lighter things in larger boxes for easier carrying.

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