January 06, 2015

5 De-Cluttering Tips for 2015!

It’s that time of year again where we all make fresh new starts in our lives. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions (which we don’t always abide by) but we don’t always think about ways to de-clutter our homes by using self storage. Choosing self storage can greatly de-clutter your home and keep it more organized throughout the year:

 Create a list

It’s time to begin by creating a list of all the things around your house that you can’t live without yet are ready to set-aside for quite a while. If you would like extra room to redecorate or have to store summer items or wish to set-aside family heirlooms, furniture, or photographs, make sure to be as careful as possible so that you do not have to take stock a second time.  

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 Set a deadline

After making a list of supplies needed, set a date and time to pick the correct sized storage unit for your needs. Try to finish getting organized within the first two weeks of January.

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 Have a plan

Prepare yourself and think about what home rearrangements you have to make in order to make use of the area you live in. What happens usually is that junk will be sometimes replaced with clutter. Plan how you are going to separate the junk from the clutter.

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 Start a garage sale

After you have made your list of what you are planning to place into storage, now go through the items that you plan to get rid of so you can have a decent inventory of items to sell at a garage sale. For the items that do not sell at your garage sale, drive them down to your local thrift store for donation.

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 Begin a fresh start

No matter what is going on in our lives we can all use a little more space. SmartStop Self Storage offers easy-to-use, secure personal, business, and vehicle storage. Whether you're relocating, renovating or reorganizing, we can help you find the smartest storage solution.

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