March 25, 2014

Tips On How To Declutter Your Space For Spring!

Warmer weather brings spring cleaning with it, so here is a guide for you to use to figure out if you should keep, toss or store your items in your indoor self storage unit:

Keep A Piece of History

If you have things in your home that may not work anymore but still mean something to you, consider just keeping a piece of them in a treasure box. If you have a broken typewriter that reminds you of your grandfather, try salvaging just one of the keys and recycling the rest. This way you can have a piece of your history but free up some space too.

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Store Seasonal Items

One great use for your storage unit is to keep your seasonal items like clothing, decorations, bikes and camping gear in there, depending on the time of year. You know you're going to use all of these things again, but moving them out of your house will create some much-needed room for you and your family.

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Digitize Your Documents

If you have piles of paper that are taking up space in your home, consider storing them digitally. Old photos, important documents and treasured letters can all be scanned and saved onto a computer where you can easily access them, and then you can recycle or store the hard copies in your storage unit.

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Toss The Trash

Things that are broken, unsafe or unable to be repaired should be tossed or recycled. If you have items you don't use but are still in good shape, donate them to someone who can give them a good home. Take a look around your house and ask yourself how often you use certain items. This will help you determine what you can get rid of for good.

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