November 04, 2013

Tips to Keep your Home Organized with Kids! 

Has your home turned into one gigantic toy store? Well don’t worry, you’re not the first parents to have this happen to, this is actually very common for your children’s toys and items to clutter your entire house. When it comes time to cleaning you feel that your house will never look cleaned and organized again because things just start to pile up so quickly.

Here are some helpful solutions to help you get more organized and turn your house back into a neat home once again.

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Make stackable cubbies and get colorful baskets to fill with children’s books, stuffed animals, or figurines and keep them neatly organized in your home.

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Mason Jars

Use large mason jars to organize your little boy’s hot wheels collection. Check out Simplicity In The South blog and see how they created these great mason jar containers.

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Eye Level Toys

Buy garden baskets and just nail them to the lower level of the wall so they can be at eye level for your child for easy access to their favorite toys.

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Radio Flying

Use a wagon to place your child’s book in. This will be fun for the child to pull the wagon around and great for you because all the books will be in one spot and not all over the floor like usual!

Organizing your home with children can be very difficult at times but by doing some of these suggestions, we guarantee you will see a difference in your home. Keep in mind that your children impact your house, so always make sure to organize their toys with the entire house in mind.


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