August 13, 2014

Here Are 4 Types Of Items That Are Perfect To Store!

For many people with small homes, storing seasonal items is a great way to free up needed space. A self storage facility will keep your items safe and secure, giving you peace of mind and a roomier closet. Here are 4 types of items that are perfect to store:

 Seasonal Wardrobe

If you have limited closet space, it's smart to store bulky clothing, such as heavy winter coats and pants, in the warmer months, and store summer attire and swimwear in the winter.

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 Holiday Decorations

Decorations that are only displayed once a year are prime candidates for storage. Don't let artificial Christmas trees and large wreaths crowd your attic or closet space. Pack and store them in a climate-controlled room where they will be safe until the following year.

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 Sports Equipment

Storing seasonal sports equipment is a good idea to keep your backyard clean, as well as prevent them from becoming damaged. For example, the cloth net of a soccer goal or basketball net can become stretched and damaged from cold winds and rains. Additionally, the frames can become rusted or even break under the weight of heavy snow. Storing them in a self storage facility can help keep them in top shape until spring.

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 Weather Specific Items

It's often best to store outdoor items that will not be used during a long period of time to prevent ruining their elements. For example, if the temperature drops, the pool won't be used for swimming, and diving boards can crack if they freeze! So, disassembling and storing pools is often the smartest solution. The same is true for patio furniture. While it's especially important to bring cloth cushions and covers inside the home, storing the actual chairs themselves in a climate-controlled space will keep them looking new and clean.

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