April 17, 2015

4 Earth Day Crafts!

Earth Day is a yearly holiday in which the environment of the planet Earth is cherished and pollution is fought. By taking care of the environment around you, you are also taking care of yourself and your future. Here are 4 great Earth Day crafts for you and your family to enjoy:

 Egg Carton Bird Feeder

This is a great craft for the kids to make. This craft is very simple to make and the kids will love watching the birds fly by to eat from the feeder. Click here for the directions. 

Egg Carton Bird Feeder credit (3.bp.blogspot.com)  

 Herb Gardens & Painted Pots

Teaching your kids or even yourself to grow your own food can be extremely rewarding. By potting your own herbs you are saving yourself money from ever having to purchase these herbs from the supermarket but you are also helping the environment in your home by adding plants. Click here for the directions.

 Herb Gardens & Painted Pots credit (pbs.org)

 Bottle Cap Garden Art

These bottle cap flowers make for a very interesting display in your flower garden. They bring wonderful color and you are also using recyclable bottle caps which are good for the environment. Click here for the directions. 

 Bottle Cap Garden Art credit (suburbia-unwrapped.com)

 Handprint Earth

This is a very simple craft for kids to show how much they appreciate the planet Earth with their handprint. Click here for the directions. 

 Handprint Earth credit (dltjk-kids.com)

Image Credits

By: SustainableFurnishings.org