December 11, 2013

5 DIY Tips To Create New Uses For Old Things!

Sometimes when we think outside the box we can imagine some really creative things. A lot of times the best inventions for things are the most obvious to us yet we do not always see it. Here are 5 tips using items that you may already have in your home to make life easier:

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Use a colander to block out flies

No one likes dealing with flies when they are eating outside and what better item to use to block out flies than a colander to cover up the food. 

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Orange peels and cinnamon

Instead of throwing out your orange peels, add them to some water on the stove, with a ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and let it boil on medium heat to create a beautiful aroma throughout your home.

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Lemon grater

How annoying is it to make lemonade while trying your best to catch all the seeds from falling into the juice? Next time, use a grater and place it over a bowl and squeeze the lemons over the grater so it will catch the seeds without going into the juice. 

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Cork pile placemat

This is a great project for wine drinkers out there who collect their wine corks. The project is very simple to make and it will look absolutely stunning with a cheese tray and a bottle of wine on top for your next wine and cheese party.

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6 pack condiment container

Don’t throw out that 6 pack container after you have drunk the bottles; use the cardboard container as a BBQ condiment holder. It makes for a creative way to display all of your condiments, plastic ware, and napkins.

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