June 05, 2014

Here Are 3 Hot or Not Items You Might Have Lying Around In Storage!

Retro is making a comeback. There's a reason AMC's Mad Men has garnered such success: vintage is sexy. Starlets such as Scarlett Johansson, Lana Del Rey, and even Mad Men's own Christina Hendricks have brought back the old Hollywood glamour of 60's fashion. However, when it comes to re-earthing the past, there is a fine line between chic and tacky. Let's play a game of Hot or Not with these 3 items you might have lying around in storage.

1. Plaid slacks

Absolutely not. Even if you look like this guy, the Seattle staple is never a good choice. Sure, there might be some debate on whether plaid is coming back, but we give it a hard pass. Anti-establishment doesn't have to be an eye-wateringly tight representation of scotch tape.This goes for decorating as well. Plaid is a slippery slope. What started as a quirky accent piece can quickly lead to this:

credit (huffingtonpost.com)

Verdict: Not

credit (visualnews.com)

2. Belted sweaters

Release your inner Errol Flynn with the comfort of a cardigan. At first blush, the belted sweater seems like a hard sell. However, we feel this piece expresses the inner id of the hipster, and how can you deny that? If you happen to come across this gem in your closet, rejoice. Especially paired with either of those hats, a more perfect music festival attire could not be put together. Get ready, grassy knolls.

Verdict: Hot

credit (visualnews.com)

3. Inflatable furniture

Blow up furniture resurfaced in the 90s, filling the rooms of college dorms and teenagers' rooms across the country with the sound of skin awkwardly sliding across sticky plastic. Unless used as pool toys, or as beachside lounge items like this very relaxed woman:

credit (voicesofeastanglia.com)

Verdict: Not

credit (nytimes.com)

Do you have gems hiding in your storage? Are they worth digging out or are they better off in storage?