May 20, 2014

Here Are 3 Directions For Document Protection!

Although you may have already opted to digitize your documents, you probably still have hard copies you need to keep for your records or further reference. Here are some tips to help you store them safely and securely in your indoor self storage unit:

What Documents Should You Store?

It is always a wise idea to keep the original copy of certain documents, as well as a scanned copy. Medical records, legal documents, insurance forms and tax records are all examples of important papers. You can also store and protect old family photos and archives in your unit if you don't have room in your home.

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Factor In The Elements 

Paper is a sensitive material, so make sure you factor in outside elements like temperature, humidity and light, as they can all damage paper. Moisture can cause mold, and light can fade ink and quicken the browning of paper. To protect your documents, make sure they are stored in dry filing bins (so try not to bring any moisture into the unit when you're dropping them off) and keep everything off the floor using wooden pallets (this will allow air to flow underneath and keep your papers dry).

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Ease of Access

Position any filing cabinets that you may need to gain access to near the door of your storage unit. This way you won't have to go through all your things to pull the file you need. Label all your files and the boxes they're housed in clearly and on all sides to keep everything organized and easy to find. Try organizing your documents by category and year to make sorting them easier too. You can also find storage facilities close to your office or home so traveling to and from your storage rental can be a snap.

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