November 06, 2013

How To Organize Your Coin Collection!

If you're a numismatist and have decided that it's time to finally break your old coin collection out of indoor self storage and get organizing, follow these tips for cataloging and presentation so everyone can admire your coin collection as much as you do.

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Start A Log

If you've haven't begun a log to keep track of your coin collection already, now is the perfect time to start! You can use something as simple as a notebook or as modern as computer software, whatever you prefer.

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Don't Clean!

While there are many things that you should clean after taking them out of safe storage, coins are not one of them. The natural patina on old coins is highly valued by other collectors, so you don't want to alter them in any way.

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Display Them!

Once you have logged in all of your coins and cleaned them all up why not display them all for your guests to view? A very creative way to display your coins in your home is to use an antique drawer and placing the coins in individual slots.

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Choose A Method

Now that you have taken all of your coins out of storage, it's time to choose an organizational method. You can catalog your coins by type, age, size or put them in alphabetical order - whatever seems most intuitive. Remember: You're the one who will need to be able to access the coins you're looking for, so don't let anyone else tell you how to organize them.


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