April 01, 2015

10 Ways To Eating More Healthier!

For most of us, learning to develop healthy eating habits takes a lot more discipline than it does for others. By making small changes with every meal, you can begin to develop healthier eating habits in no time. Here are 10 tips that can lead you to a healthier lifestyle: 


Begin by changing the “snack ratio” in your home. Start to have more fruit and healthier snack choices around than the typical high calorie junk foods. For example, have three types of fruits to replace the bags of chips or candy bars. 

Snacking credit (healthfoodxdrinks.com)

Grocery Shopping

When you are grocery shopping spend more time in the outer aisles. That is where you will find the healthier food choices such as fruits, vegetables and fish, which are lower in fat and cholesterol and have not been filled with salt, sugar and other preservatives. 

Grocery Shopping credit (personalexcellence.co)

Food Labels

Be more aware about reading the labels of the foods that you eat. Foods that are labeled as “Low Fat” or “Light” are not always the healthiest of choices. A lot of times, if a product is lower in fat, it may be higher in other areas such as sodium, or if it is lower in sugar, it may be high in fat. Begin to start reading the “Nutrition Facts” chart on the back of the box or can.

Food Labels credit (commanderfitness.com)

Portion Control

Using the “cup of your hand” technique is a great way to mentally measure the amount of food that can go onto your plate. Some people use the size of their fist as a measurement tool. The size of your fist is about the same size of one measured cup.

Portion Control credit (s3images.coroflot.com)

Retrain Yourself

You will need to begin to retrain your brain and taste buds and attitude towards better food choices. The natural sweetness of an apple or orange cannot compete with a candy bar, but you must relearn, and retrain, the goodness of what is good for you.

Retrain Yourself credit (thealkalinediet.org)

Alternatives To Fattening Foods

It is important to know the basic alternatives to fattening foods. Begin to choose mustard over mayo, choose brown rice, whole wheat, rye, or oat bread over white bread. Substitute water over juice and sodas.

Alternatives To Fattening Foods credit (11.yimg.com)

Colorful Foods

The more colorful your plate is, the better it is for you. The nutrients that create the colors in our fruit and vegetables represent the different nutrients for your body. Try to find new fruits, vegetable combinations, and dinner choices that will benefit your family. 

Colorful Foods credit (shechive.files.wordpress.com)

Do Not Skip Meals

Don’t ever skip meals (especially breakfast). By skipping meals or starving yourself will cause it to go into starvation mode. Allow yourself to snack more, just make them healthy snacks. Your metabolism will actually pick up and start to burn more of what you are giving it, especially with a daily exercise program. 

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Give Yourself a Meal Break

Do not eat more than 2 and a half hours before you go to sleep at night. You need to give your body a chance to digest and burn the fuel of the day. 

Give Yourself a Meal Break credit (muscleupfit.net)

This is a Lifestyle Change

You must realize that you are making a lifestyle change and not just going on another diet. Learning to eat healthier does not happen overnight, but it can certainly happen and you can do it! 

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