July 01, 2014

Here Are 10 Best Cities To Watch 4th Of July Fireworks!

Fireworks are the biggest Independence Day traditions, and each year people all over the country come to see these amazing pyrotechnics in the sky that commemorate the birth of our country. 4th of July fireworks first began in 1777 and since then they have been a key part in every 4th of July celebration. Here are 10 great cities to catch 4th of July fireworks across our country:

New York City

New York City offers the country’s largest pyrotechnic show across the whole country, with fireworks shot from 6 different barges across the Hudson River.  

New York City Fireworks credit (static6.businessinsider.com) 

Washington, DC

Watching the 4th of July fireworks in the nation’s capital are sure to be on everyone’s list of things to do. The firework spectacles are set off from the Reflecting Pool lasting 17 minutes long and costing $255,000.

 Washington DC Fireworks credit (static5.businessinsider.com) 


The Boston display is one of the nation’s most expensive 4th of July shows, costing a record $2.5 million. The show is 20+ minutes long and is televised and is accompanied by the music of the famed Boston Pops. 

 Boston Fireworks credit (static5.businessinsider.com) 


The annual Philadelphia 4th of July Jam and Grand Finale Fireworks display takes place over the Philadelphia Museum of Art and features a concert each year featuring a star-studded set list.  

 Philadelphia Fireworks credit (static6.businessinsider.com)


Navy Pier offers a spectacular view of Chicago’s 4th of July show. If you are looking to make your night even classier, take a romantic dinner cruise on Lake Michigan and take in a great view of the fireworks.

 Chicago Fireworks credit (static6.businessinsider.com)


The Seattle 4th of July spectacular is 21 minutes long which takes place over Lake Union and costs $150,000 per year and features more than 10,000 firework effects.

 Seattle Fireworks credit (static6.businessinsider.com)

Atlantic City

Atlantic City features a two-part show and is one of the longest and most elaborate fireworks show across the entire country. The first showing is 22 minutes and takes place over the marina, whereas the second show is 24 minutes long and takes place over the beach and boardwalk.

 Atlantic City Fireworks credit (static4.businessinsider.com)

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place to go to see 4th of July fireworks since all the different hotels shoot off fireworks from their rooftops. The entire show is produced by Fireworks by Grucci, which is a New York based company.

 Las Vegas Fireworks credit (static4.businessinsider.com)

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to see fireworks if you want a more relaxed feel. The lights on the Lake spectacle can be seen all over the town, but the best place to view the fireworks is on the beach.

 Lake Tahoe Fireworks credit (travel.sndimg.com)


The Hollywood Bowl in the Santa Monica Mountains has great views of the downtown skyline all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The fireworks feature music from the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra.

 Hollywood Fireworks credit (4.bp.blogspot.com)

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