October 01, 2014

5 DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Children!

Make the most of this upcoming Halloween with costumes your children will love. From iconic Halloween characters that we all know and love to today’s hottest designs to costumes you can easily make yourself, we have plenty of ideas for you. Here are 5 DIY Halloween costumes for your children:

Chicken Costume

This adorable chicken costume can easily be made from a few items that you may already have in your home. This costume is perfect for a child under 3 years of ago. Click here to get the directions on how to make this chicken costume.

Halloween Chicken Costume credit (marthastewart.com)

 Lion Costume

This snuggly lion costume will make a perfect Halloween costume for your child. Using a sleeper as the base and adding fleece not only makes this costume adorable and comfy, but it keeps the child warm. Click here for directions on how to make this lion costume.

 Halloween Lion Costume credit (hostedmedia.reimanpub.com)

 Owl Costume

This owl costume is very easy to make, yet it looks like a lot of work was put into it. You need fabric scraps, a dark colored t-shirt, thread, card stock, craft knife, tape, and sunglasses. Click here for directions on how to make this owl costume.

 Halloween Owl Costume credit (img.wonderhowto.com)

 Prince Charming Costume

This Prince Charming costume requires a bit of work but comes out exceptionally well. To easily to figure out the size of the shirt, you just need to trace out one of your child’s shirt to get the most accurate sizing. Click here for directions on how to make this Prince Charming costume.

 Halloween Prince Charming Costume credit (1.bp.blogspot.com)

 Paper Doll Costume

This paper doll costume will definitely be a costume in which people will give a second look to. To give the affect that the child is actually wearing the paper outfit you get a white shirt and white shorts so they are being concealed properly by the costume. Click here for directions on how to make this paper doll costume.

 Halloween Paper Doll Costume credit (static.spoonful.com)

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