December 01, 2014

5 Creative DIY Holiday Gift Ideas For This Year!

The holidays are a great time to show off your skills and also save yourself a little money by making your own holiday gifts! We have turned to some great and very talented DIYers to create these fantastic festive ideas that would make perfect holiday presents. Gifts created by yourself are always much more personable to the receiver and they will cherish these gifts for a lifetime. Follow below at these 5 great DIY holiday gift ideas:

 Cookie Mix In A Jar

Who doesn’t love cookies?! Well now you can easily assemble a yummy gift for someone all in a single mason jar! Simply layer all the ingredients for whichever type of cookie you want to make, add a label with baking instructions, and you’re good to go! Click Here for the recipe. 

 cookie mix in a jar credit ( 

 Mint Sugar Scrub

This body scrub will make a wonderful gift for someone who loves their beauty products! This mint scrub is very easy to make and incredibly inexpensive as well. The receiver of this gift will think you spent hours making this when it only took you 5 minutes to make! Click Here to learn how to make this fabulous mint sugar scrub. 

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 Pressed Herb Candles

Candles always make great gifts for any occasion and if you make it yourself it is even more exciting for the gift receiver. These pressed herb candles can be easily made and look absolutely stunning when they are finished. Click Here for the directions on how to make these wonderful pressed herb candles.  

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 Mason Jar Superhero Banks

What little boy would not like this for his coin jar?! These jars can be easily made by using a mason jar, spray paint, tape, and superhero emblems to attach to the jars. Click Here for the directions to make these superhero banks.

 mason jar superhero banks credit (

 Holiday Potpourri

Give someone the gift of an amazing holiday aroma made from your own kitchen. Easily assemble all of the ingredients into a cellophane bag with cooking instructions and tie a ribbon around the bag for decoration. Click Here for the directions to make this holiday potpourri. 

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