December 31, 2013

Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Santa Suit!

The holiday season is over, and you might have a lot of cleaning up to do after all your guests, family and friends have left your home. You might be wondering where to start. Well, one of the first things to consider is your Santa suit. Your costume earned laughs from parents and kids alike, so it's a good idea to keep it around for next year. Here are some cleaning and self storage tips to help maintain your Santa costume.

Dry Cleaning

When you take your costume to the dry cleaners, make sure you tell them that you'd prefer they use very light chemicals and that no chemicals should be applied to the white fur trim. Take into consideration that your Santa suit will not be as soft as it was before the dry cleaning chemicals were applied.

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Spot Washing

If your suit is relatively new you won't need to bring it to the dry cleaners. You can just spot wash any stains or odors that are lingering. Use color safe detergent and a little water and apply to the desired areas. Wash the red fabric first, and wait for the material to dry before moving onto the white fur. Consider cleaning the inside of the suit with a damp cloth as well to prevent any buildup of body odor.

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Santa Beard and Wig

Look at the tag and determine what kind of wig and beard you have. The economy beard and wig sets are not meant to be washed. However, you can do some maintenance if you have the deluxe or professional Santa beard. Take a brush and gently remove any particles. Run the wig under cold water and hand wash with baby shampoo, or wig or mild soap.

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If you don't have any room in your home, consider a storage container rental that is climate controlled. Extreme changes in temperature can permanently damage the fabric of the costume. 

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