December 24, 2013

Here are some tips to keeping your cookie decorating supplies organized.

It always seems like the best time to bake is during the holiday season. You see family members, hear the laughter of little kids and an overall sense of joy of baking works its way through your home. While getting everybody together in the kitchen can be a lot of fun, keeping everything organized can be a little frustrating. In order to keep yourself from losing your cool, consider these organizational and self storage tips for cookie decorating supplies.


Those little plastic containers are your friends. Consider assigning each kind of sprinkle, sugar dot, and confectionery topping in your collection to its own Tupperware box. Eight ounce containers should be large enough to store most amounts of packaged toppings. Use a permanent black marker to label the boxes to keep track of what you have.


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Glass Jars

An alternative to Tupperware is the glass jar. There have been some studies that suggest plastic containers can break down over time and affect the container's contents. Glass jars also add a rustic, traditional look and feel to your collection, the kind your grandmother or great grandmother would have had.

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Cookie Cutter Storage

Keeping your cookie cutter collection organized is really quite simple, but might take a little planning beforehand. First you should find a decent location for storage. You can make some room in your kitchen or basement. Cabinets and drawers are ideal. If you don't have any room, consider moving out some old appliances you don't use anymore into a cheap storage unit nearby.

Once you've found the perfect location, you'll need to organize your cookie cutters. Put them in groups like sea life, video games, Christmas and Halloween. When you have all your cookie cutters separated into the right groups, get some containers and place the cutters in their designated boxes. Make sure you label them so you can find what you need easily.


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