November 08, 2013

Here Are 4 Ways To Keep All Of Your Electronic Cords Organized!

As we turn into a more electronic generation every year, we are constantly dealing with wires, cables, and cords from all of our electronic devices. The backs of our computers look like a big nest of cords going every which way and we wouldn’t dare to unplug anything because what would it turn off?! We have become so dependent on our electronic devices being charged at all times that if they happen to go out we don’t know what to do with ourselves!

Luckily we have some tips to keeping all your cords organized so you can no longer worry about causing a potential fire in your home or just tripping over your wires.

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Paper Clip Method

Attaching paper clips to the back of your computer will allow you to feed your cable cords through them so you can easily get a hold of your cords. This method will prevent you from diving under your desk and searching for cables and getting more cables even more wrapped up than they were before.

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Charging Station

If you have a family then your family most likely has multiple devices that need to be charged throughout day. Instead of having chargers hanging out of all the plugs in your home, why not create a wooden board and decorate it as a family charging station.

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Reducing Countertop Clutter

By purchasing a multiple-outlet adapter, this expands the capabilities of the conventional two-plug wall outlet. Now you don’t have to worry about getting obnoxious looking extension cables running all across your kitchen countertops.

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Consider Donations

A lot of your electronic devices that we longer use still work, but they just sit in our drawers and never get used. Why not donate those old cell phones or other electronic devices to help those in need. Visit Laura’s House (/ and donate your old cell phones to help support survivors of domestic abuse.


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