April 02, 2014

Tips On How A Storage Unit Can Help You Prep Your Office For Spring!

Start planning your spring cleaning as the weather starts to warm up! Don't neglect your office space during this change of seasons. Here are some ways your private, indoor self storage unit can help you get ready for spring:

Purge All The Paper

The best way to start a spring cleaning project in your office is to begin with your desk. Gather all the paper you have piled on your desk and sort it by what you need to keep, what you can upload digitally, and what you can get rid of. Then, create a filing system for whatever you intend to keep and label the drawers or boxes those documents will be housed in. When your items are properly labeled, you will be able to find them for reference in your storage unit faster. As for everything else, as long as you shred sensitive information, go green and recycle it!

filing papers credit (realestate.com) 

Organize Your Virtual Desktop Too

If the desktop on your computer is packed with icons, it may be time to go through those and see which ones you can organize or delete, to avoid any confusion or data duplication or loss. This will help free up the time it takes you to search through your desktop, and allow you more freedom to get work done or just relax.

desktop icons credit (freewaregenius.com) 

Keep, Store and Donate

Take an inventory of all the furniture and office supplies in your work space and figure out if you can lighten your load by recycling or donating anything you don't need. For example, if you have more than two staplers, you can donate one to a school or secondhand store. If you have filing cabinets you need to keep but don't need to access them on a daily basis, consider transporting them to your storage unit where they will be safely maintained.

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