January 06, 2014

Here Are Organizational Tips For Your Home Office!

Working from your home office gives you the opportunity to spend time with your kids while taking care of your business. Here, you can place all your files, resources and equipment in one place. However, a cluttered space can distract you from completing important tasks. Use some of these organizing and self storage tips for your home office to keep you on track and productive throughout the day.

Put an organizational system in place

Before you clean anything off of your desk or move items around your floor, take a minute to think about where you will put all your office essentials. Think of a rational system to help you organize.

Inbox/outbox - Create an inbox where you can put assignments, bills, projects on your to-do list and unopened letters. Consider this as a non-permanent storage container. If you haven't looked at a piece of paper or opened that letter for more than a few days, you should either file it or throw it in the trash. Your outbox should only contain completed paperwork that needs to be filed. Other office supplies to consider using: a file rack to store your current or ongoing projects, a filing cabinet, a shredder and a recycling container for paper.


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Tailor your filing cabinet

Aside from your desk and chair, the filing cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in your home office. Use hanging folders for major categories like medical records, clients and financial papers. Go one step further and subdivide your files with individual folders. To make room for your filing cabinet, consider putting any unnecessary, bulky house items in a cheap storage container rental. Try to find one that is fireproof and lockable to ensure that important papers like birth and marriage certificates, passports and car titles stay safe. Conversely, if you absolutely can't fit your filing cabinet in your home office, you can store your files in a self-storage unit.

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