May 08, 2014

Here Are 4 Dos and Don'ts For Preserving Your Wedding Gown In Storage!

Your wedding gown can stay fresh, white and gorgeous long after your big day has passed as long as it's preserved and stored correctly. Here are some tips for helping your dress look good as new for years to come:

Do Clean Before Storage

Even if your dress looks clean and pristine after wear, it's always a good idea to have it dry cleaned before storage. This process will get rid of any undetectable stains, which can get worse over time.

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Don't Forget About Climate Control Storage Units

It's important to keep your wedding dress in a storage unit that maintains a consistent temperature. Extreme climate changes can cause damage to your gown. For example, high temperatures can produce stains and make existing marks darker.

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Do Hang It By The Loops

If you choose to hang your dress, do so by the loops that are connected to the inside seams. Hanging the dress by the other straps can cause the gown to snag, break or tear.

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Don't Store It In A Vacuum Sealed Bag

Many brides keep their dress in a sealed bag or container. However, over time this type of storage can give off fumes that can discolor the fabric on your gown. Plus, if for some reason any moisture gets trapped in the container, it can cause the development of mold or mildew.

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