April 11, 2014

Here Are 4 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring!

While the winter weather may make things seem a little bleak, spring is just around the corner. And we all know what that means - a backyard full of blooming flowers! The final few months of winter are the perfect time to complete all of the prep work necessary for a gorgeous garden come May. Be sure you check these tasks off your to-do list:

Gather Your Tools

You can't grow a flower garden without the proper tools! Head over to the self storage center and pick up all of the gardening implements you left there in the fall. If your shovels, rakes, clippers and shears have wooden handles, rub them with linseed oil. You should also use a wire brush to scrape away any rust on the metal.

gardening tools credit (cheapseeds.com)

Clean Your Yard

Now that you've transported your gardening tools back to your home you can begin to clean and prep your yard. Once the snow melts, pick up and dispose of any decomposing leaves that were hiding underneath. This is also the perfect time to pull up any weeds that may have sprouted.

 clean your yard credit (1.bp.blogspot.com)

Trim Your Vines and Ornamental Grasses

Before you can plant your flowers you'll need to take care of some much-needed pruning. Trim back any ornamental grasses in your yard until they are only 3 or 4 inches tall. Late winter is also the perfect time to prune any vines crawling up your home or trellises.

 trim your vines credit (enfoldwines.com)

Make Plans

You can't plant a beautiful flower garden without making plans first! On a sheet of paper, draw out what you did last year, then think about how you can improve upon your design. Perhaps you should plant a vegetable patch or try out a new variety of perennial. Don't be afraid to get creative! After all, your plans aren't final until you actually plant the flowers in the spring.

make plans credit (themoderngardener.files.wordpress.com) 

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