February 17, 2014

Organizing Your Winter Gear & Mudroom Tips!

The winter season is a great time for fun-filled activities and snow sports for the entire family. But keeping all of your sports equipment, boots and winter gear organized can turn into a big hassle if you don't have a plan to keep everything in its own place. Most homes use the space next to the laundry machine and dryer as a mudroom - the place where you can store everything from backpacks to dirty boots. Here are some organizing and self-storage tips and ideas you can use to keep your mudroom in a tidy state.

Use Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets can be the perfect solution for small mudrooms. Kids can hang their jackets and scarves on built-in racks. You can build shelves  to store winter hats and gloves. But Make sure there is a decent amount of space between the floor of the cabinet and the bottom of your hanging coats so you can store your wet boots as well.

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Install A Bench

One of the best ways to make the most out of your mudroom is to install a one or two person bench. If you've ever tried to take off a pair of wet, slippery boots and winter pants, you'll know that it can be quite the physical endeavor if you aren't sitting down. Not only do benches give your family a place to sit while getting out of their snow gear, the benches double as a semi-covered place to put wet shoes and boots. Still on the fence about getting a bench? Make some room for it by putting extra appliances away in a storage container rental.

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Make Use Of Cubby-Holes

You might remember cubby holes from when you were in kindergarten, but putting the concept to use in your mudroom can save you from future headaches. This idea is for houses with a little more space and plenty of family members. Each cubby hole should have a place to hang a coat, store boots and a shelf for miscellaneous clothing or sports items. 

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