August 01, 2014

10 Best Cities To Live In The US!
It can be quite difficult to say exactly what the “best” city to live in is but we have done our research to see what people like the most. Americans are very mobile people. In fact, one in six Americans move each year. Though most moves are local moves, nearly one-sixth of all Americans who move change states! Luckily for us Americans, we have a huge variety of cities to choose from that would be great to raise children, have a great career, and above all, have a happy life. Here are 10 great cities to live in the US:


Nashvillle is a great city to live if you are a music buff. Nashville is Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. For residents, finding some of America’s next best music can be as simple as checking out Music Row, where there are new venues blending with nearby classics.

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Minneapolis is known as the City of Lakes. This city has some of the nation’s best parks and bodies of water. The local University of Minnesota’s combined eleven ice hockey national championship games are something to be seen in the city. The Downtown area has a unique network of connected buildings with the City Center mall at its core center.

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San Diego

If this list was strictly based on weather then San Diego would automatically be #1. The city is relatively safe, gorgeous beaches, and 16 different colleges to choose from. There are many great attractions to see such as Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and the famous Hotel Del Coronado. 

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The capital of the Lone Star state, Austin has become a major destination for top tech talent, due to the company Dell being located just north of town. Austin hosts the annual tech and music festival which added a Startup Village for investing. There is also an annual Austin City Limits music fest, which has acts from around the world each fall.

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 New York City

The nation’s biggest and most international city, New York City definitely overpowers other cities by its vast amount of restaurants, bars, museums, and libraries. New York also has world famous universities such as Columbia and NYU if you are looking to get a prestigious college name under your belt.

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Denver has evolved into a major night life and dining city, with more than 200 bars and 1,700 restaurants to offer a mixture of southwestern and Rocky Mountain cuisine.

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Portland is known for its Pacific Northwestern brand of relaxed living, with education and restaurants to go with air quality you will never find on the east coast. The city has become beloved of America’s hipsters, DIY-ers, and localist foodies.

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Boston’s Beantown blend of history, night life, and education make this city one to contend with. With 22 universities, Boston can almost seem like a college town. But don’t let the college town vibe fool you, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see and wonderful restaurants all within walking distance from wherever you are.

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 Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia’s been known for political dysfunction, but when it comes to leisurely activity, it has become the nation’s leader. The nation’s capital has a vast amount of parks to go with its lively districts, such as Logan Circle and Foggy Bottom. Residents can check out the shops in Georgetown or visit the Smithsonian’s museum and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 

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Seattle is the nation’s spiritual home for coffee and personal computing. Residents can exchange the rainfall for their high average median income, beautiful water-bound locale, and their clear air. Microsoft and Boeing are two of the largest companies in the area if you are looking for a great company to work for.

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