April 24, 2014

3 Helpful Tips For Loading A Moving Truck!

Packing, moving and unpacking is a long process. One important aspect of your moving day is knowing how to load your moving van, to avoid having to reorganize your belongings once your arrive at your destination. For some tips to help make moving into your indoor self storage unit easier, read on:

How Labels Can Help

Labeling your boxes can make the process of loading your truck more efficient. Make sure to label each side of the box with its contents and whether anything inside is fragile. You can even color code your labels by room or contents. This step will make a big difference when you're loading things into your truck, because you won't make a mistake like placing a box of plates under a ton of books.

Labeling Moving Boxes credit (smooth-house-moving-ideas.com) 

Size Matters

Make sure you do some research into the size truck you will need to fit all your belongings. You can find moving truck size estimators online that use the total square footage of your house to determine what size truck you need. Don't make the mistake of renting a truck that ends up to be too small! Also, remember to use your home's square footage to figure out the best size indoor storage space for you.

Moving Truck credit (sevacall.com) 

Handling Hardware

If you have appliances or furniture that needs to be dismantled to load into your truck, make sure you tape the hardware to the furniture, near the space it needs to be screwed or hammered into. You will save time searching for items like nuts and bolts when you're ready to remove your furniture from storage. Simply remove the tape from the hardware and you'll see exactly where it goes - no instructions needed!

Dismantling Furniture credit (canadapost.ca)  

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