April 07, 2014

3 Tips To Help You Move Into Your New Home Quickly

Moving to a new house or apartment can be a challenge, but the experience can also be very rewarding. The trick is to plan ahead and stay organized throughout the entire process. If you can stay on schedule, prepare your belongings correctly and figure out any extra services you might need, moving in to your new place should be a piece of cake. Here are some organizational and self storage tips to get you settled in your new location in no time:

Prepare A Schedule

Before you start packing away your TV sets and kitchen appliances, you should create a moving schedule. To make your transition as painless as possible, begin two or three months in advance. Use a weekly checklist to keep track of your progress. If you give yourself enough time, a lot of the tasks you have ahead of you will seem easier to accomplish. Staying ahead of schedule should be your goal in case you experience any unexpected moving issues.

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Hire A Moving Company

If it's within your budget, consider using a moving service. Beware companies that offer extraordinary rates - they could be trying to mask poor-quality service. If you find a mover with a good reputation, you can save yourself a lot of money and headaches. Check out the company's ratings on the Internet or try finding one that comes recommended by family or friends.

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Limit What You Bring

First-time movers think they need to bring everything and the kitchen sink to their new home. Don't make this mistake. Look at your possessions and figure out if they enhance your life or just create clutter. Try not to bring anything that you won't immediately have use for, like unfinished projects and unread books. Consider holding a garage sale or just giving away unwanted items to your friends or people in need. If you need access to your belongings but don't have much space, consider leasing a storage unit rental. 

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