August 17, 2016

5 Back To School Tips You Need To Know

Its that time of year again! Parents are rejoicing and kids are groaning at the thought of going back to school. Make sure you are ready and organized to get the little ones off to learn with these 5 helpful tips. This may also be a great time to get a storage unit to get rid of any unwanted clutter. 

Organize Their Back To School Clothes

All kids want new "back to school" clothes! But before you spend money on unnecessary items, go through their closet and store or donate anything they have grown out of or won't need for school. Also take into account the weather changes and pack away those summer clothes to make room. Make a list of the items they need and maybe allow them to pick one or two items they really want. This wil keep you to a budget and help to make sure they are ready for the school year.  

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Get Supplies In Advance

You probably know the basic supplies the kids will need to start the school year and getting this ahead of time can save you time and money. Once school starts it can be hard to find certain items. Also many stores have pre-back to school sales that can save you a lot of money. you get the more specialized supplies once you get the list from the school. When they start off prepared they are more likely to be successful right from the start!

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Create a Homework Station

Creating a clutter free space for kids to do homework is key for their success. Many of us do not have adequate space for a homework only desk. Having a homework caddy for all the homework essentials is a great way for them to have everything at their fingertips where ever they choose to do their work. The less time they spend searching for supplies, the more time they are spending on their homework! Click here for a great DIY tutorial of this awesome project! 

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