February 18, 2014

Tips To Properly Storing A Rug!

For some people, switching rugs in a living room or recreation area is as common as switching shoes to match the season. Rugs can tie a room together and complement various features of a space. However, there's no need to keep extra rugs in your home, simply put them in storage instead. Here are a few self storage tips to help you keep your rugs in good condition while not in use:

Properly Rolling A Rug

Some people make the mistake of folding a rug because they believe that creases won't be permanent. Instead of testing that theory, consider simply rolling your rug. As a rule of thumb, the pile (the surface with the design) should be facing inward. You will also need to identify the direction of the pile. To do this, run your hand back and forth over the rug. One direction will give resistance while the other will lay smooth. To properly roll the rug, first lay the piece face up. You can use a rod to help you keep it straight. Place the pole at the end of the rug where the pile is pointing toward you. Roll the rug up as tightly as you can smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. 

Avoid Humidity

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of humidity, consider leasing a climate-controlled storage unit. If moisture accumulates on the fibers of the rug, you risk mold and mildew building up.

Avoid Sunlight

Depending on the age of the rug and the type of material used to make it, you will want to limit prolonged exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can prematurely degrade sensitive fabric and permanently damage your rug.

Proper Storage

Before you place your rug in storage, bring it in for a deep, thorough cleaning. Although storage units are generally free from pests that would cause any damage, your rug may have microscopic pests lingering in between its fibers. After the rug is cleaned, allow it to air dry completely.

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