March 06, 2014

Tips To Properly Storing Your Fine China!

Many people make substantial investments in precious fine china or inherited heirlooms from previous generations. However, few understand that these items can be very fragile, and they may not take the steps necessary to protect or store the china properly. Here are some display and self storage tips you can use to make sure that future generations can enjoy your investments:


Cleaning your fine china is the place to start when you want to protect your antique dishes and cups. Begin by clearing a large space around your sink. Make sure the water is lukewarm. Prepare a few tea towels and line the bottom of your sink with them. Add dish washing liquid to the water and then let the china soak for 15 to 20 minutes - longer if the items are heavily soiled. Rinse each piece thoroughly under lukewarm water and then let them dry.

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Many people prefer to keep their fine china in cheap storage container rentals, bringing them out only for holidays or special occasions.

Plates - If you plan on stacking your plates, use a simple piece of felt placed between each one.

Cups - Cups should be placed on hooks if possible.

Serving pieces - Store these in their original boxes until necessary.

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Invest in some dish protection kits before you decide to place your china in a storage unit. Place a double layer of felt between each plate. For added protection, cover your items in cloth bags made specifically for china. Only store six to eight plates in a box. Extremely fragile pieces should be kept in felt or foam sheets and then bubble wrap. Be careful not to wrap your plates, dishes or cups too tightly. Keep each box light and well balanced.

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