March 10, 2014

Tips On How To Properly Store Vintage Cameras and Equipment!

Camera aficionados know that vintage cameras and their equipment require special care and handling. This is especially important when it comes to storing them, because damage done to the lenses or inner mechanisms often is too extreme to warrant repair. Here are some self storage tips that will help keep your equipment in good working order:

 Focus On The Lens

The lens of your camera is its eye, so it needs to be stored carefully to ensure it does not crack. Cleaning the lens before storage is an important first step. Camera lenses should be stored in an upright position so liquid that touches the device does not have the chance to dry on them. Additionally, shutter lubricant can dry out and leave spots on the surface, so remove the lens filters and use the cap to protect it against dust.

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 Keep Moisture Out

Moisture can irreparably damage your vintage camera. For example, if your equipment gets wet, the leather or fabric in the bellows could rip or crack when the moisture dries. The shutter curtain on vintage cameras is also usually made of fabric and is sensitive to wetness as well. Moist areas are a haven for bacteria, which can create problems for your camera. If you live in a humid climate, make sure to use sealed boxes for all your equipment. Silica packs will absorb any excess wetness, but they should be replaced every two months to maintain freshness.

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