February 20, 2014

Tips to Preserving Your Winter Coats!

It's almost time to put away your winter coat and replace it for a lighter, spring jacket. But instead of shoving your coat into the back of your closet until next season, consider putting it into storage with the rest of your outerwear. This will help keep your garments protected until it's time to get them out once again.

Clean Before Storage

Prior to putting your winter coat into storage, make sure that it is properly cleaned. You'll want to get rid of any marks or stains so they don't set into the fabric during the off-season.

Use Cloth Zipper Bags

You'll want to avoid putting your coat into boxes or plastic containers, as these can attract unwanted bugs. Instead, hang your coat in a garment bag with a cedar hanger, which is the best indoor self storage option. The zipper bag prevents lint, dust and hair from accumulating, while the cedar hanger helps keep moths away.

Empty Your Pockets

Make sure there is nothing valuable in the pockets of your coat before putting it into storage. Months later you don't want to realize that you left something in your coat pocket such as car keys, money or even food, which can attract pests.

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