March 12, 2014

Tips On How To Store Your Snowblower!

With spring fast approaching, it's time to put your snowblower away into a self storage center to make room in your home for lawn mowers and other gardening tools. If you properly prepare your snowblower before putting it into storage, it should be ready to go by next winter. Follow these tips for packing away your snowblower:

Change The Oil

You'll want to drain any existing oil in your snowblower into a pan and replace it with fresh oil. Locate the oil drain plug, which is often at the rear or the side of the machine. You may need to tilt your snowblower in order to get all of the oil out. Then, using a funnel, refill the machine with the proper amount of oil.

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Clean or Replace Spark Plug

The spark plug in your snowblower should be replaced each season that it's used to allow it to run more efficiently and safely. Use a spark plug socket to carefully remove the spark plug and insert the new one. Make sure the new plug isn't overly tightened, which could cause it to break.

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Cover With an Old Towel or Blanket

In order to ward off dust and debris that can accumulate during the off season, cover your snowblower with a towel or blanket. This prevents any of the debris from getting into your engine and affecting the machine's ability to start next winter.

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