February 27, 2014

Tips For Labeling Boxes For Storage!

Whether you're putting away seasonal items or preparing for a move, you're going to need to put everything into boxes before safely stowing them away in a self storage center. Labeling these containers is essential for staying organized and making certain items easy to locate. Here are a few labeling tips that are going to help make your life much easier:

Color Code

If you're moving everything out of your house, you'll have to keep track of a whole lot of boxes. Try color coordinating your them based on the room where they are kept. For example, all of your kitchen items can be labeled in blue, while living room essentials will be colored in red. This way when you move into your new place, you'll know where each box goes without having to look inside.

Box Labels credit (images.funadvice.com)

Use Waterproof Markers

While your boxes will be safe from moisture inside your storage unit, it's best to use waterproof markers when labeling. This way, if you ever take your boxes out, the writing won't get smeared or smudged from moisture and the wording will remain clear so that you can easily pinpoint each container.

Labeling Boxes credit (mychoicefreedom.com)

Label More Than One Side

To help you quickly identify each box, consider labeling each side of the container. This will make unpacking much more efficient and save you from having to search for the label.

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