February 05, 2014

Tips For Storing Winter Boots!

When the snow finally clears and the temperatures start rising in preparation for spring, it's time to clean out your winter shoe collection to make room for the more seasonal options. Chunky boots can take up a lot of room in your closet, so it's more space effective to put those shoes in a self storage center. This will keep them safe so they will be good as new once the next winter season rounds the corner.

Wipe Them Clean

Don't put your boots into storage if they're covered in stains from salt and snow. If you want them to look shiny and new for next season, spend the time cleaning the surface of your boots. You can easily remove those winter salt stains by using a solution of vinegar and water and cleaning your shoes with cotton cloths. Once they're dry, use a waterproof spray on the boots to protect them against the elements in the future.

Maintain Their Proper Shape

Tall boots can tend to lose their shape over time. You can prevent this from happening by placing rolled up cardboard inside each shoe. Another way to maintain the structure of your winter boots is to store them with their original packaging or purchase some boot shapers.

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