April 14, 2014

Here Are 2 Tips To Protect Your Baseball Cards In Storage!

Baseball season is an exciting time in the spring. If you're beefing up your card collection or starting one for the first time, you could probably use some tips on the best way to keep them looking their best if you are filing the cards in your climate-controlled indoor self storage unit.

Preserve and Protect

Before you place a precious collection in storage, take some simple steps to make sure your cards are properly organized, in case you want to reference them or take one out later. Some collectors handle their rare cards with cotton gloves to avoid transferring any moisture to them. But, organizing them in protectors like page sleeves that hold multiple cards on one page are a great option. You can file them alphabetically by player to make them easier to sort through later.
If you are worried about humidity damaging your collection, you can even keep each card in a thin "penny sleeve" inside the page sleeves for an extra layer of protection.

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Avoid The Floor

Keep your collection in plastic storage bins that are raised off the ground by pallets or shelves.The climate control in your storage unit will keep your items safe from fluctuations in temperature, but taking the extra step of keeping things off the floor will help ensure the longevity of your collection.
Whether you're a hard-core collector or just like to dabble, keeping your baseball cards in mint condition is a great idea that can certainly pay off in the future. After all, the most valuable card sold for nearly $3 million in 2007! That card features Pittsburgh shortstop Honus Wagner, and was sold in packs of tobacco in the early 1900's. It is rare because it was discontinued shortly after production began.

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