April 04, 2014

Tips On How To Use A Storage Unit As A Food Pantry!

Grocery stores often have great deals on bulk items, but if you don't have space in your pantry at home, you can't take advantage of the discount. Why not use your indoor self storage unit to house a food pantry? Simply follow this brief guide to determine which foods store well and what kind of containers are best - and keep your eyes peeled for the best savings at your supermarket!

Organize By Expiration Date

Some products, like anything made without preservatives, will spoil faster than others, so they should be eaten up sooner. Other items like canned fruits and vegetables can keep in your food pantry for months or years, so organizing your storage unit pantry by expiration date is a wise choice. Keep the foods you need to use first in the front, and you'll be better able to grab what you need for your kitchen at home.

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Longer Life On The Shelf

The packaging matters when it comes to food's shelf life. Canned goods will stay good for months, and almost every food type can be canned safely, as long as the proper preservatives are included, like vegetables, fish, fruit and jam. Freeze-dried foods preserves your favorite eats and their nutrients. You can dehydrate snacks like fruits, vegetables, meats for jerky and legumes, which you can use in recipes later.

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