December 04, 2013

Here Are 3 Ways To Properly Store Your Wine Collection!

Storing your wine collection can be tricky, but with a little planning, you can keep it safe in self storage. Whether you are renovating your home or no longer have space for your wine collection, you can preserve it for future generations or special occasions with these simple self storage tips.

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Regulate The Temperature

Heat is the main enemy of preserving wine. Any temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit will age wine more quickly than a collector would want. Any hotter than 70 degrees and the alcohol might get "cooked." This means that the wine would have flat aromas and diluted flavors. Ideally you want to keep your bottles in a space that's 45 to 65 degrees. If you plan on opening up the bottles in a few years, you won't need to worry about slight increases in temperature.

However, very cold temperatures aren't good for your wine either. The average temperature of refrigerators runs at well below 45 degrees. The extreme cold can dry out the cork and let air in, damaging the wine. Renting climate controlled storage units is a great way to control the environment surrounding your collection.

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Keep Lights To A Minimum

Various kinds of light - especially sunlight - can cause damage to the wine too. The sun's rays can prematurely damage and age alcohol. The reason vintners use colored bottles is to keep out as much ultra violet radiation as possible. Soft light in storage won't damage the wine, but can still fade the labels on your bottles.


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Position Bottles Sideways

Traditionally, collectors keep their bottles of wine sideways to prevent the corks from drying out too early. Horizontally racking your stock is a space-saving technique that won't harm your bottles or the wine.

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