May 13, 2014

3 Tips On How To Create Your Own Wine Cellar!

Your indoor self storage unit can be used for more than just holiday decorations and furniture. If you love wine but don't have the space for a cellar, consider using your unit to create one! A climate-controlled self storage space is the perfect location to safely organize and store your bottles of wine, and here are a few tips to get you started:

Sort and Organize

A good place to start is to create an organizational system for your new self storage cellar so you can keep track of the aging process of your wines more efficiently. You can organize them by year, varietal or occasion, so you can always locate the right bottle. Keep your wines on their sides so their corks don't dry out.

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Custom Climate

An indoor, climate-controlled self-storage unit will keep your wines at their optimum condition because it is a consistently dark and regulated space. Your unit's temperature should be set anywhere between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to turn off the light every time you leave the unit, because long-term exposure can damage your varietals.


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Mature With Age

Allowing your wines to age will let their flavor mature, so store bottles you don't plan to consume within the next few weeks. Red wines tend to taste best after aging for about five years, and even whites can be left to age to improve their flavor.

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